Andy McCarty

Andy McCartyAndy McCarty is a veteran and higher education professional who has dedicated his career to helping student veterans and servicemembers to advance professionally.  In 2015, Andy co-founded Northeastern University’s Dolce Center for the Advancement of Veterans and Servicemembers (CAVS), a first of its kind program that pairs veteran talent with organizations that need it.

During high school, Andy participated in school musicals and chorus, and was also in “Playboy of the Western World” with the Theatre Arts Society.  He reflects on this time as some of the best years of his life.  “While at NHS I developed my writing style and my acting abilities. There was no doubt that I wanted to pursue both in college and beyond.”

Upon graduating from NHS in 1999, Andy attended Catholic University for one semester before deciding to join the United States Air Force (2000-2004), where he served on two deployments in support of Operation Enduring Freedom (Egypt) and Operation Iraqi Freedom (Qatar).  After leaving the USAF, Andy worked at Paramount Pictures in California as an Executive Assistant in the Government and Community Affairs Office running all political, philanthropic, and volunteer activities for the studio.  In 2007, Andy returned to Massachusetts to work at and attend Northeastern University (NU).  He worked in the financial aid office while earning his BS in Leadership (he graduated Magna Cum Laude).

While at NU, Andy began volunteering to help support the student veterans on campus. Over the next few years, Andy worked to develop the concept and mission of what would ultimately become CAVS.  After a $1M donation in 2017, CAVS was named in honor of the Dolce Family.  In addition to his position with CAVS, Andy serves on the Board of Directors for the National Association of Veterans’ Program Administrators; is a Founding Member of the Veterans in Higher Education Collaborative; and is an Associate Instructor for the FourBlock veteran career readiness program.

Andy’s message to students is “You can’t plan for every change that will come, but you can plan on how you’ll handle change.”  Andy shares how his ability to move up and progress in his career has been a direct result of his ability to deal with change.  “I’ve seen so many people stumble or fail because they are immobilized when things don’t go the way they’ve imagined or planned.  I left NHS thinking I was going to be a famous actor.  Maybe I will be some day, but I had to deal with different realities along the way.  I failed out of my first college.  I didn’t get the job I wanted in the military.  I went to work for one of the most notoriously difficult bosses in Hollywood.  I moved back to Boston and started from scratch.  Eventually, years later, I ended up where I was supposed to be…  Accept that change is going to happen, but it doesn’t have to derail you.”

Today Andy lives in Milton with his wife Katie and daughter Maya, 4.